Mavenir helped Deutsche Telekom build a first-of-its-kind Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform for continuous testing to improve management of the growing number of Kubernetes clusters.

5G workloads demand continuous patches, upgrades and updates to match fast-changing market needs. In response, Mavenir and Weaveworks designed and implemented this industry first cloud-native CaaS platform, which allowed Deutsche Telekom to improve deployment frequency while reducing the potential of human error.

  • Faster rollout of 5G services
  • Updates deployed on demand, in a fully automated way
  • High availability, auditability and security

The Challenge

Deutsche Telekom was challenged with managing thousands of Kubernetes clusters across several locations on both bare metal and virtual machines.

Deutsche Telekom needed to streamline by:

  • Automating the management of Kubernetes clusters for greater efficiency
  • Decreasing the workload of a small team of software engineers
  • Accelerating their 5G rollout
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The Solution

Deutsche Telekom decided to build its own CaaS platform, called Das Schiff (“ship” in English):
  • Mavenir and Weaveworks designed and implemented the industry-first 5G application lifecycle management in a cloud-native environment.
  • Deutsche Telekom now operates GitOps-enabled, distributed Kubernetes CaaS platform at a massive scale.


Deutsche Telekom is the first telco running Kubernetes across both its core and edge sites to deliver multiple use cases through a single telco-grade platform to:
  • Accelerate the deployment frequency and reduced change failure rate
  • Help improve data quality, accuracy and transparency
  • Fast-track the rollout of 5G
  • Provide complete control to work with vendors of choice for different use cases


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