Three Ways To Keep Existing Customers Engaged

It’s no secret that repeat customers have a much higher conversion rate than new ones. On the other hand, 68% of customers will leave if they feel the company is indifferent. It is essential for businesses to actively keep their existing customers engaged. This post will look at three ways a contact center can help with customer engagement.

SMS Messaging

SMS has proven to be a very effective way to target current customers; it has a 98% open rate and an average response time of 90 seconds. Many contact center solutions allow businesses to create and run SMS messaging campaigns. By contacting their customer base through SMS, businesses can send out customer satisfaction surveys, promotional messages, service/appointment reminders, and more.

One key advantage of SMS campaigns is that they do not require live representatives. The administrator configures the campaign, and it runs automatically.

Scheduled Callbacks

A quick follow-up to a service issue can help to improve the customer experience. Depending on the solution, service representatives can schedule a callback to a customer – often while on the call – to ensure the solution to the problem was successful. Then when the time comes, the system will automatically dial the customer and connect the representative.

The two main benefits of scheduled callbacks are that customers are contacted within a set time range and the sense of familiarity since the same representative will contact them.

Preview Dialing Campaigns

An automated campaign can be an effective method for follow-up. Although there are many types of automated dialers, using a Preview Dialer can help personalize the conversation.

With a Preview Dialer, the service representative has time to review the customer history before connecting. Although it takes longer to complete than Predictive and Progressive campaigns, the extra time can be well worth the effort.

Deciding on the right method

Of the three methods above, there is no right or wrong way to keep customers engaged. They all have the same goal – to let customers know they matter. Businesses can use one, two, or all three methods, depending on their solution capabilities.

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