Three Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Customer Service

In the past, contact centers were entirely dependant on human capital to handle service interactions. However, as businesses desired to streamline operations, they have looked to Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This post will discuss three ways that incorporating AI into the customer service workflow can improve the customer experience and business efficiency.

Self-Service and Automation

One of the most common uses of AI is through chatbots, with 80% of companies expected to use them by the end of 2020. As part of a call deflection strategy, businesses can automate digital interactions for simple, repetitive tasks. Typical customer queries that chatbots can handle include:

  • Processing financial transactions
  • Answering frequently asked questions
  • Providing order updates and delivery notifications

Using chatbots frees customer service representatives to focus on more complex issues. The benefit is twofold. First, it reduces operational expenses by up to 30%. Second, it can eliminate mistakes made by service representatives that have to repeat the same, mundane tasks.

Voice Sentiment Analysis

One of the critical features of most contact center solutions is the ability to monitor live calls. However, unless the company has a 1:1 ratio of supervisors to service representatives, it is impossible to listen to each call in real-time manually.

AI can be used in place of supervisors to analyze each call in progress, which can provide two benefits:

  • Coaching of service representatives – AI can notify a representative if they are talking over a customer, speaking too quickly, etc.
  • Detecting conflict during the conversation – AI can analyze the customer sentiment and determine when a supervisor needs to be alerted to join the call

Reviewing Service Interactions

As with monitoring live calls, it is not feasible to expect supervisors to review every recorded conversation. One of the ways to streamline that process is through the use of call disposition codes, which can allow supervisors to only focus on a specific subset of calls.

However, using an advanced AI engine can enable a review of every call in the system. AI can reveal best practices to implement to ensure better interactions. Another benefit can come from searching for specific keywords or phrases, which can help uncover product issues that can be passed on to other teams for improvements. A better product means fewer interactions.

Using AI with Mobile Business Contact

Mavenir’s Mobile Business Contact solution provides a wide range of AI capabilities to streamline contact center interactions and operations.

It features an AI voice bot that can enable natural conversations, performing real-time speech processing to prepare responses while customers speak and only replying after the customer stops. In addition, the voice bot can listen to the customer while it speaks to them. It can quickly pause, listen to the customer, and respond.

The solution also includes APIs that provide businesses with the ability to combine powerful chatbots with “human in the loop” capabilities that allow the chatbot sessions to be sent to a human contact center representative when the consumer demands it or if the chatbot flow requires human intervention.

The AI engine can analyze live and recorded calls to detect:

  • Gender
  • Language
  • Speaking rate
  • Voice pitch
  • Pauses and silence
  • Speech overlap
  • Emotion detection
  • Keyword spotting

Businesses are always in need of competitive advantages over the rest of the market. By implementing a modern, AI-enabled contact center solution, such as Mobile Business Contact, organizations can reap the benefits of automated customer interactions, reduced workload on service representatives and supervisors, and enhanced insights from a complete analysis of each interaction.

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