Three Ways A Screen Pop Can Improve Customer Service


A screen pop is a notification that service representatives see when they receive a new customer interaction. The information in the screen pop can range from very simple – such as only displaying the interaction is an inbound sales call – to very advanced. Contact centers can display detailed customer data and other relevant information by integrating with CRMs and business tools through APIs.

Personalizing the Customer Experience

The start of a conversation can set the stage for how well the customer will be satisfied with the call. Even a very simple integration with a CRM or other business tool can let the representative see the customer’s name in the screen pop. Although a simple gesture, greeting the customer by name can get an interaction off to a good start.

Providing Detailed Customer Insight

Depending on the level of integration, a screen pop can provide the representative with a detailed view of the customer – their order history, service requests, account status, etc. Having this level of detail can (account number, phone number, etc.) that can negatively impact the customer experience.

Streamlining Customer Service Workflows

Although out-of-the-box screen pops can provide benefits, many businesses need additional details or actions. Some contact center solutions are flexible enough to provide customized screen pops for service interactions. A screen pop explicitly designed for a business can help make interactions more efficient by providing quick access to the functions that service representatives need.

Getting the Most Out of Screen Pops

When implementing screen pops, businesses should:

  • Analyze what information would best equip their service teams to assist customers
  • Discuss with their Communications Service Provider what options are available

An effective screen pop can be as simple or detailed as a business needs; the goal is customer service efficiency and effectiveness.

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