Three Use Cases For Contact Center APIs

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Over the past few years, Application Programming Interface (API) capabilities have become a massive buzzword in the contact center industry. The most basic definition of an API is that it provides an interface for software applications to communicate.

In the contact center space, businesses use APIs in many ways, but there is a single goal – increased efficiency. Here are three popular use cases for APIs in the contact center and how they can make customer service more efficient.


One of the most straightforward and widely used API integration is a Click-to-call function. A Click-to-call API can allow service representatives to contact customers from a web application.

By calling the customer directly from the application, a Click-to-Call API can streamline the dialing process instead of manually looking up and dialing the number in a separate application.

Automatic Callback

When call queues and wait times reach a defined threshold, businesses use call deflection to reduce abandoned calls. Automatic callback allows a customer to keep their place in queue but hang up the phone. Many solutions offer Callback APIs to schedule automatic callbacks.

By reducing the time spent by customers actively waiting on hold, businesses can reduce their telephony costs, streamlining business operations.

Tools Integration

APIs allow contact center platforms to communicate with internal business tools and provide a single pane of glass for service representatives. Although this is most commonly a CRM, this could also be for Point of Sale systems, ticketing applications, reservation software, and more.

With flexible, customizable screen pops, businesses can streamline their interactions and improve productivity.

How to implement APIs

Although APIs are powerful, they can often be complex to implement. That is why it is important to have a solution that provides easy access to APIs, as well as documentation, examples and developer support.

Businesses interested in increased efficiency through APIs should work with their solution provider to understand what kind of APIs are available and how to implement them.

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