The One Contact Center Feature That Nobody Thinks About – But Should

Businesses looking to replace a legacy contact center solution or those interested in implementing a Contact Center as-a-service (CCaaS) platform for the first time have many choices available.

It can be overwhelming to look at multiple vendors and perform a feature-by-feature comparison. It may also be unnecessary. The truth is that from a feature standpoint, there is not a lot of differentiation out there. Feature parity among CCaaS solutions is prevalent today.

  • Every major solution can offer skills-based routing.
  • Historical reporting and live monitoring features are commonplace.
  • Omnichannel capabilities are not a unique feature; they are table stakes.

Rather than ing at basic functionality, businesses should focus on how well a CCaaS solution can integrate with their existing business tools and processes.

  • The platform should connect with advanced messaging solutions to maximize customer reach and deliver enhanced customer experiences compared to text-only channels.
  • The solution should seamlessly mesh with (rather than disrupt) the business’s existing PBX, Unified Communications, or Unified Communications as-a-Service (UCaaS) system, allowing businesses to expand their customer service flows beyond the customer service team.
  • It should have a Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) function with APIs to interface with CRM platforms and other business tools, streamlining customer interactions with a single pane of glass for service representatives and enabling self-help capabilities to automate simple, repetitive tasks.

Feature parity among CCaaS solutions is prevalent today. As businesses look to enhance their customer service experience, they need to move beyond feature comparison matrices. Instead, they should work with their existing Communications Service Provider (CSP) or Trusted Advisor to help determine which CCaaS solution would be best suited to integrate with the rest of their business.

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