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There are two technology developments that are setting the stage for the mobile future: 5G and artificial intelligence (AI). These two megatrends, combined, are ushering in a new era for our industry – an era of ‘intelligent connectivity’, per GSMA’s recent blog.1 This era will be defined by highly contextualized and personalized experiences, delivered as and when you want them.


For Telcos, Artificial Intelligence is the next frontier, per GSMA’s 2018 Mobile Economy report.2

“Leading telcos across the world are also increasing their focus on AI. From an operator perspective, the range of AI-based applications is moving beyond chatbots and digital assistants, already launched by a number of telcos across Europe and Asia. There is widespread recognition that AI will be key to future business and digital transformation as well as driving increasingly autonomous and intelligent networks and improving the customer experience through a better understanding of customer behavior. As emerging technologies – including AI, IoT, and advanced data analytics – converge, 5G could play an enabling role in realizing their full potential.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence but only within given parameters, and it’s a big category that includes Machine Learning (ML) where there is the ability to ‘learn’ and Deep Learning which is the connection to humans basically ‘ML on steroids’.

“Deep Learning is used by Google in its voice and image recognition algorithms, by Netflix and Amazon to decide what you want to watch or buy next. It’s critical for the autonomous, self-teaching systems which are revolutionizing today’s industries. ML takes some of the core ideas of AI and focuses them on solving real-world problems with neural networks designed to mimic our own decision-making. Deep Learning focuses even more narrowly on a subset of ML tools and techniques, and applies them to solving just about any problem which requires “thought” – human or artificial.” 3

That’s why Mavenir is leveraging our R&D center of excellence in Brno, the Czech Republic focused on Artificial Intelligence/machine learning, to further integrate AI with 5G applications. For example, the integration of AI with RCS applications, self-assurance and closed-loop telemetry in our CloudRange MANO platform, and going further with other integrations, including Alexa into mobile network home applications.

Using AI to protect mobile networks in real-time, and with predictive analytics and machine learning, the network is protected even as new vulnerabilities arise, per the recent announcement of the industry’s most advanced Network Security and Fraud Management Suite from Mavenir.


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