Four Features Essential for High-Urgency Customer Service

All contact centers are driven by metrics, with the goal of providing a frictionless customer service experience. However, there are some situations that, from a consumer perspective, have a more critical dependency on efficient interactions. Such was the case when The Functionary, a leading business process support services company, needed to provide COVID-19 testing support.

A Scalable Solution

The Functionary anticipated that there would be a significant number of daily calls due to the urgency of the situation. Older customer engagement solutions provide limited ability to scale to meet changes in demand. The Functionary needed a flexible solution that was capable of handling thousands of calls per day.

Efficient Service

Citizens that were calling the helpline were already under a significant amount of stress. The majority of consumers are accustomed to waiting two minutes or less before reaching someone. With COVID-19, however, wait times could easily reach 30 minutes, taking a tense situation and making it worse. Fortunately, today’s contact center solutions are designed with the customer experience in mind – getting the customer to the most qualified person to help them as quickly as possible.

Supervisor Visibility

Every contact center can provide monitoring and reporting capabilities. The Functionary needed, in particular, the ability to monitor live conversations. Advanced customer engagement solutions can offer multiple ways to do this; supervisors can use a live dashboard to view basic statistics like answer time and talk time for a call in progress, and listen to and engage in the conversation.

Mobile System Access

One of the weaknesses of traditional contact center solutions is the reliance on physical location. They were designed for a large group of service representatives co-located in a single office. However, The Functionary needed a solution that provided flexible access, regardless of location. This is an advantage of today’s advanced cloud-based solutions, which can reduce the dependence on physical presence.

How Mobile Business Contact Provided a White Glove Solution

Mavenir’s Mobile Business Contact solution is ideal for highly-urgent scenarios like the one The Functionary faced. For any business that is faced with a natural disaster, emergency product recall, or customer outage, it can provide the frictionless customer service experience required.

  • Scalability – For businesses whose demand can change periodically, Mobile Business Contact allows supervisors to add or remove resources as needed.
  • Efficiency – Mobile Business Contact provides custom routing capabilities and customizations that enable streamlined interactions. In the case of The Functionary, there were double-digit percentage improvements in the average speed of answer, average handle time, and call wrap-up time.
  • Visibility – The solution provides a complete set of monitoring and reporting features. In particular, The Functionary utilized the live monitoring capabilities to improve the quality of interactions and, in turn, increase customer satisfaction.
  • Mobility – The Functionary utilized the Computerless Representative functionality to enable teleworking access to the system with intelligent call routing to mobile devices. Even though the calls were delivered to a separate device, the solution provided the same monitoring and reporting access as any other interaction

When businesses need to respond to critical customer needs, they need a solution that enables effortless customer interactions. The Functionary implemented Mobile Business Contact to deliver a scalable, efficient, visible, mobile solution.

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