Four Configuration Options Critical For Progressive Dialer Success

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A Progressive Dialer is a powerful tool for automating outbound calls. Ideal for high daily call volume and quality interactions, businesses use progressive dialers for automatic callback, emergency calls, market research, and more.

Like most tools, a Progressive Dialer is only useful if it can meet the needs of the business using it. The four configuration options below are essential in making outbound campaigns successful.

Run Time

Finding the right time to contact leads is probably the most critical aspect of configuring a Progressive Dialer. For most consumers, the time ranges of 11 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 5 PM are the busiest times during the workday, so campaigns run during that time would have limited results. On the other hand, campaigns that target individuals that do not work would perform best during those specific times.

To maximize the success of the campaign, businesses should be able to customize when it runs.

Dial Interval

Progressive Campaigns typically provide an interval between calls. This interval allows the representatives a short break before they are presented with the next call.

The ability to customize the dial interval allows businesses to experiment and determine the appropriate amount of time that maximizes agent performance.

Retry Rules

Not every call to a customer will be answered. Contact centers provide the ability to customize how to handle unsuccessful attempts, including the number of times to retry, when to retry, and how to prioritize retries.

Only after reviewing historical reports and campaign performance can a business determine the best strategy for retries, so the contact center solution should allow easy, on-demand modifications to the campaign.

Data Mapping

The Contact lists that businesses use come from many sources, from CRM databases to web forms. It should be no surprise then that there is no one-size-fits-all format.

Rather than making their contact lists to match a system-defined format, businesses need the ability to customize the mapping format for their input.

Putting The Dialer Together

Given enough time, a Progressive Dialer can allow businesses to reach hundreds of current and potential customers per day. However, without the ability to customize the run time, dial interval, retry rules, and data mapping, the dialer provides limited benefit.

Businesses should discuss their requirements with their communications solution provider to determine how best to implement their dialer.

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