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Today, more than 30 million Americans carry at least two devices—paying for those devices, at least two plans and at least two times the carrier network access fees – costing $10 billion every year. This problem is particularly painful for professionals and business owners who juggle work and personal devices all throughout the day. Some “over the top” solutions have filled the void using VoIP techniques (e.g. Skype, WhatsApp, etc) or some enterprise networks have deployed simultaneous ring capabilities. However, they have never been truly “carrier quality” services and the mobile operators have not been able to monetize on this trend due to the tight coupling of device identity with a telephone number in the networks.

Yet, individuals have embraced the ability to login to their email address anywhere in the world on any device, regardless of ISP.   It’s time to bring this experience to voice and messaging!

Mavenir’s Multi-ID brings the experience of email to the telecom world. It’s a game-changer for the operators to offer innovative services in line with today’s subscribers’ expectations to be free from device/number association, and enabling subscribers to manage their multiple personas from any device, on their terms.

By using an operator’s native application on a device, a single-ID can be set up to manage multiple numbers and span numerous devices, all with carrier-grade quality and independent of the underlying Communications Service Providers (CSPs), thereby solving the BYOD challenge.

In fact, Multi-ID works in combination with an existing 2G/3G (CS) networks and does not mandate VoLTE service be available in the operator’s network. Multi-ID allows the native line (the MSISDN of the SIM device) to be from another operator. All virtual lines used as part of the Multi-ID service, however, are routed and controlled by the operator network. This service can be deployed on mobile devices of other networks, creating a new level of abstraction and simplicity.

Mavenir was first to launch VoLTE in 2012, which brought IP networks and Voice over 4G/LTE to the market but with absolutely no evolution of voice and messaging features as compared to 2G/3G networks. Now, a whole new world of opportunities opens as Multi-ID is leveraging all the benefits of IP-based 4G/LTE networks with new innovations to deliver the next generation of voice and messaging applications.

The Multi-ID solution is powered by Mavenir’s IMS core, voice and rich messaging applications, Unified Communications Store, and downloadable Android and iOS clients.  This is a fully cloud-native solution built on a microservice architecture for Cloud or Operator hosted NFV environments. Multi-ID is available as a standalone platform, or as part of Mavenir’s broad suite of network solutions for mobile operators.

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