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Mavenir Recognized for Technology Vision

Named Finalist in Light Reading’s Leading Lights Awards 2017

NFV - cultural aspects of the digital transformation telcos need to undergo

It is often said that digital transformation requires a cultural shift as well as a technological one, but what does this mean in practice?

The hottest topics in mobile tech that everyone will be talking about at #MWC17

2016 was an amazing year for mobile, with Mobile World Congress 2016 acting as the Launchpad for more powerful phones than ever before. Alongside the unveiling of Samsung's Galaxy S7 and LG's G5 smart phone, we talked to smart robots, saw smart things and witnessed new technologies. This year, MWC 2017 looks set to trump 2016, with mobile launches such as Nokia’s comeback with the leaked re-launch of the Nokia 3310 and Samsung’s mystery device, but mobile technology is about a lot more than handsets, telcos and subscribers alike will place a huge emphasis on optimum user experience, personalization and security. So we’ve put together the hottest topics of conversation we expect at MWC, and everything you need to know about them…

The Rise of Mobile Cybercrime: BE AWARE, BE SECURE

Digital connections now play a central role to global socio-economic development, and mobile is the clear growth driver. These days, practically everything digital you want to do can be done on a mobile device. The mobile-centric world of consumer convenience, seamless interactions and real time services has brought with it trillions in revenue - and where there is money, fraud will surely follow. The threats are operating on a global scale so it’s no surprise that by 2019 cybercrime will be a $2.1 trillion problem[1]..