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Network Slicing – A 5G Monetization Gamechanger?

Join the conversation to learn more about 5G Core, value-rich network slicing use cases, and how to ensure successful monetization with agile, iterative lifecycle management of slice-based services:

  • Current market trends – who’s doing what?
  • Priority use cases – where’s the money?
  • Main challenges in managing the lifecycle of network slicing-based services and offerings
    • Why your slice management system must be adaptive and real time
    • The critical role of end-to-end, vendor-neutral orchestration/automation/ integration
  • Lessons learned from Amdocs-Mavenir network slicing POC with Tier-1 operators
  • Why top-down, business- and customer-driven slice segmentation is key to successful monetization
  • What does the optimal path to 5G network slicing monetization look like?
    • What are the most important architectural concepts in the 5G network that will enable more agile network slicing creation?
    • How does cloud-native and containerization play a role in 5G Network Slice creation.

As a network, IT or business decision-maker or influencer, learn why network slicing is the gamechanger that will enable service providers to get a slice of the 5G action.

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