Heavy Reading’s Cloud-Native 5G Core Operator Survey

Heavy Reading’s Cloud-Native 5G Core Operator Survey

The introduction of the 5G core and standalone (SA) 5G operation is a significant change to the mobile network architecture. It enables advanced services such as network slicing, edge services, and ultra-low latency communications. Review the Heavy Reading Cloud-Native 5G Core Operator Survey findings, conducted in Winter 2020 to see:

  • Timelines for the deployment of 5G core
  • The outlook for common 4G/5G core networks
  • Cloud infrastructure choices for 5G core (IaaS vs. PaaS)
  • Operating models and CI/CD

Highlights include an overall picture of optimism about the impact of 5G core. Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core offers what the largest group of respondents know: it is “essential to have a converged 4G/5G core,” and they are very likely to use innovative vendors such as Mavenir to achieve it.

The transition has started, and the next two years will see speedy migration to 5G Core with greater vendor diversity and new process development. More and more CSPs are introducing multi-vendor strategies and Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core is gaining global attention. It brings an end-to-end, fully containerized packet core portfolio and a flexible, cost-effective journey to 5G with multi-generational support for all G’s to modernize existing mobile networks while evolving to 5G.


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