Triangle Communications and Mavenir Announce First Deployed Network for FCC Rip and Replace

The Flagship Deployment Replacing Unsecure Equipment and Services with American-based Network Infrastructure

Richardson, TX and Havre, MT – 19th October, 2022: Mavenir, the Network Software Provider building the future of networks with cloud-native software that runs on any cloud and transforms the way the world connects, today announced the turn up of a fully cloud-native Converged Packet Core, Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) and O-RAN compliant Radio Units (O-RUs) for Triangle Communications which will enable enhanced and secure service for residents of Montana.

“We are very pleased to deliver this landmark end-to-end turnkey solution with all products based on O-RAN interfaces including Packet Core, RAN and O-RUs – with all components upgradeable to 5G,” said Mavenir CEO, Pardeep Kohli. “These transitions are vital for today’s Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to undergo, in maintaining their competitive edge and ensuring the security of their critical communications networks.”

Triangle Communications is undergoing a full network transformation with Mavenir, as part of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rip and Replace program, replacing equipment and services from providers that pose a national security threat. Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core, Open RAN and O-RU deployment is the first network of its kind, aligned with the requirements set-forth by the Secure and Trusted Telecommunications act. Mavenir has on a turnkey basis replaced the Chinese network components untrusted by the US government and others, with American headquartered Mavenir open, network infrastructure. The delivery was completed ahead of the FCC Rip and Replace funding, ensuring Montana residents have secure and reliable access.

“We selected Mavenir for their Core, Open RAN, O-RUs and Systems Integration capability and expertise, to address the FCC’s Rip and Replace requirements quickly,” said Triangle Communications CEO, Craig Gates. “We understand the challenges in doing work in remote areas, like Montana, which is why the Mavenir network was perfect for this unique area and customer base.”

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