TIM: Two New Open RAN Solutions Launched on Mobile Network

The new network that accelerates the development of digital services to benefit citizens and businesses has been activated in Matera

The first 5G Open RAN connection on 3.7 GHz frequencies has been established in the TIM Innovation Lab in Turin

Rome – 14 September 2021: TIM Group’s programme to develop Open RAN (Open Radio Access Network) Solutions on its mobile network continues in Matera and Turin. The aim is to accelerate the development of 5G digital services and Edge Computing through centralised and cloud-based functions for the benefit of citizens and businesses.

TIM thereby confirms its position as the only operator in Italy – and among the first in Europe – to have already undertaken a major infrastructural initiative to promote the ‘open network’ model.

Specifically, after the launch in Faenza, the first location in which TIM activated Open RAN technology, the solution was activated also in Matera, thanks to collaboration with Mavenir for RAN components and MTI for 4G Radio Unit. This solution, in cooperation also with Dell Technologies, Intel and VMware, allows to separate the components (hardware and software) of the radio access network with a view to diversifying suppliers and promoting a broader ecosystem within the industry.

Furthermore, the first Open RAN 5G stand-alone (i.e. completely independent from 4G) connection was established at the TIM Innovation Lab in Turin and will soon also be activated in the field in Matera. This standout achievement made use of the 3.7 GHz frequencies on TIM’s 5G network, in collaboration with Mavenir for core network and radio functionality, Dell Technologies and Intel for infrastructure and VMware Telco Cloud Platform for the End-to-End network function virtualization and automation software.

The development of Open RAN solutions, in line with the 2021–2023 ‘Beyond Connectivity’ plan, makes it possible to combine the potential of Edge Cloud and AI. It allows operators to strengthen security standards, improve network performance and optimise costs, in order to provide increasingly advanced digital services, such as those connected with new Industry 4.0, Smart City and Autonomous Driving solutions.

Open RAN
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