Telenet and ip.access Boost Indoor Mobile Connectivity in Belgium

London, UK – 19th February 2018 ­– ip.access, a Mavenir company since September 2020 and the world’s leading independent small cell solution provider, today announces that it has signed an agreement with Telenet, Belgium’s largest provider of cable broadband and mobile services, to support a major roll out of residential small cells.

The partnership between the two companies confirms ip.access’ ability to deliver innovative end-to-end 3G and 4G solutions and to manage a mass roll out of small cells. The agreement enables Telenet to offer advanced wireless services to over two million residential and enterprise customers.

ip.access will initially provide its advanced 3G residential small cell and fully virtualised multi-technology nanoVirt RAN platform. This technology will help Telenet’s residential customers overcome the challenges of using mobile phones indoors and boost network capacity to keep pace with the ever-increasing mobile data demands. Telenet will use the ip.access small cell and nanoVirt RAN platform, hosted in Telenet’s virtualised environment, to manage tens of thousands of residential small cells to provide seamless mobile coverage indoors.

Malcolm Gordon, CEO, ip.access said: “Operators worldwide are under pressure to deliver fantastic in-building mobile performance, at home and elsewhere. This partnership is an excellent endorsement of our ability to support the large scale small cell deployments necessary to meet the ever-increasing demand for indoor coverage and capacity. ip.access’ virtualised scalable small cell platform means that Telenet can continue to meet the demands of its customers of all sizes as it evolves its network to 4G and beyond.”

ip.access’ end-to-end small cell solution enables mobile network operators to get a high quality mobile phone signal inside buildings and other hard-to-reach places, and uses broadband IP backhaul for rapid deployment and low-cost operation.

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