ip.access Launches New 5G Ready Multi-Technology Module

London UK, 19th February 2019 – ip.access, a Mavenir company since September 2020, today announces the launch of  a new 4G/3G small cell integrator module software upgradable to 5G, as part of its carrier grade OEM platform portfolio.

The new E62 multi-Radio Access Technology (multi-RAT) integrator carrier grade platform is a compact format with dual-band radio, designed in close collaboration with the company’s customers and partners. It comes with a fully managed, flexible cellular software stack and presents 3GPP compliant S1 and Iuh interfaces for 4G and 3G respectively. The module operates in 4G or 3G mode, and allows switching between these RATs under simple software control. This enables a single unit to support 4G and 3G in two different bands without any hardware changes. Significantly, the E62 also provides R15 non-standalone (NSA) 5G primary cell capability by software upgrade, providing a future proof elegant migration path to 5G.

Nick Johnson, CTO at ip.access, commented: “The lead vertical for our new E62 is Aviation, where ip.access continues to be at the forefront of the in-flight cellular communications market. Airline passengers increasingly expect and demand the seamless wireless connectivity they experience on the ground. The multi-RAT integrator platform has been designed to support that demand both now and in the future with its upgrade path to 5G radio access technology. This is a genuinely class-leading product that will enable airlines to deliver on a key strategic requirement for their businesses as we transition to the 5G era.”

To learn more about ip.access’ carrier grade multi-band multi-standard OEM platform, book a meeting at MWC 2019 email: events@ipaccess.com


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