ip.access Launches Flexible Radio Platform as Carrier-Proven Alternative to SDR

Thursday 2nd March 2017, London, UK – ip.access, a Mavenir company since September 2020, has launched the S60z, a new band flexible RAT-flexible small cell designed specifically for the needs of specialist integrators. The S60z offers flexible UMTS and LTE support based on ip.access’ carrier-proven hardware. This combination of proven technology with band flexibility enables the new module to be easily tailored for a range of potential new products across a number of application areas including transport networks, rural, utilities, security and surveillance.

The increasing need in niche applications for flexible band support, in combination with reduced size, weight and power requirements has driven the demand for software defined radio (SDR) technology. Despite the proliferation of SDR hardware, integrators struggle with inherent performance and reliability, as well as the need for extensive integration of the software necessary to run the device, the component pieces of which often have to be sourced from multiple vendors.

In contrast, the S60z provides integrators with a complete ‘cellular engine’ that offers a carrier-proven alternative to SDR approaches. By combining ip.access’ S60z hardware platform with its operator-proven UMTS and LTE software stacks, the S60z removes the software integration burden (while still offering low level access), and enables integrators to achieve the RAT and band flexibility they need.

The S60z platform has been designed to support all UMTS and LTE bands (both FDD and TDD) in the frequency range from 500MHz to 3.6GHz.  The S60z also supports ip.access’ SUMO™ multi-operator technology – further reducing the CapEx challenges in cost sensitive deployments such as rural networks.

Ben Ash, Sales Manager for ip.access integrator vertical markets, commented: “There is no doubt that for many applications the reality of SDR has fallen short of the promise. With the S60z we are responding to our customers’ demands for a solution that overcomes the challenges of SDR whilst retaining the ip.access stability. Our track record of success, with millions of units shipped, means integrators can now benefit from a flexible platform that is still built on proven technology.”

ip.access is actively looking to engage end users and technology partners to further promote the S60z platform. The company will be attending the UK Home Office exhibition ‘Security and Policing 2017’, Farnborough, UK, 7-9th March and will be available to discuss the potential for the S60z.

To arrange a meeting at the show please contact events@ipaccess.com

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