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Mavenir and Qualcomm to Accelerate 5G High-Density Open vRAN Deployments

Mavenir and Qualcomm Technologies’ solution optimizes Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for operators by substantially reducing CPU/core usage and energy consumption requirements through improved power efficiency. This delivers an ideal solution for delivery at scale, including Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) deployments where an extensive network rollout is required to provide robust coverage and connectivity.


Legacy Versus Open RAN: Power Consumption In 5G Radios

Open Radio Access Network (RAN) is picking up traction and commercial interest in 2023, with multiple operators actively considering the technology for their new and existing 5G networks. Whilst, 5G deployments have matured and mobile operators are looking toward the next wave of monetization, sustainability is becoming a critical topic and is now part of the criteria for vendor selection.