When the xRAN Forum announced the xRAN Fronthaul Specification Version 1.0 in April, that represented a major step in the industry’s objective of defining open interfaces between the remote radio unit/head (RRU/RRH) and the baseband unit (BBU).

But the group at that time knew there were some gaps, and its latest release is designed to address that.

John Baker, SVP of business development at xRAN member Mavenir, previously characterized the xRAN spec as a game-changer poised to change the industry significantly. It’s not a slam dunk because operators need to incorporate it in their RFIs or RFPs to vendors, but it’s certainly a major change in how business is done.

The first Mavenir products are due, approximately, in the first quarter of 2019. Mavenir does expect to become a member of O-RAN, but specific details are still being sorted out, according to Baker.

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