What are Boris Johnson’s Alternatives to Huawei?

Huawei is facing a geopolitical and commercial storm itself. The US government has turned against it for its 5G infrastructure and is putting pressure on other NATO countries to do the same – causing Britain’s PM Boris Johnson to cry out ‘but what are the alternatives?’

Operators concerned about their dwindling source of options for network infrastructure – and already frustrated by the feeling of being trapped into ‘vendor lock-in’ of hardware-centric solutions – are therefore increasingly attracted to the commercial and technical opportunities of virtualization; and especially to the new breed of vendors emerging with software-centric solutions.

Late last year, analyst Stephane Teral at IHS Markits cited Mavenir as being best placed to become the new third choice vendor in the market.

It’s about the creation of a truly new infrastructure market model. One where open interfaces, software-led, cloud-based network architectures with end-to-end automation become the new normal.

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