One of those that took the chance to play up its part was Mavenir, which combined the largest amount of floor space with an analyst event the day before the Conference and a couple of speaking slots.

As you may expect, Mavenir was here to talk vRAN and the path to Cloud Native in the core of the network. One interesting solution it was able to talk about was a vRAN-based in-building design that can support multiple operators on the same physical infrastructure.

Mavenir has been working with BT Enterprise’s wholesale unit on the offer for the past year. It says that the issue of getting coverage indoors is increasingly important to MNOs and will only become more so as 5G introduces higher spectrum bands. BT’s estimate is that operators may need four indoor small cells for every outdoor macro – meaning each operator could be looking at 160-180,000 indoor small cells by 2025. That means that a small cell has to come down to about 10% of the price of an installed macro – hence the reason to offer a wholesale offer that shares infrastructure.

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