On the Telecom Infra Project’s third birthday, Deutsche Telekom’s Axel Clauberg says the collaborative group is celebrating the move of mobile network technologies out of the research phase and into the production stage.

Since issuing requests For information (RFIs) at the TIP Summit last October, Vodafone and Telefonica now are initiating Open RAN field trials, having used the RFI to identify Altiostar, Mavenir and Parallel Wireless as collaborators. Vodafone selected Turkey as the first of 25 planned Open RAN trial deployment sites and will carry “commercial traffic over a parallel wireless 2G+4G macro site in the 900Mhz band,” wrote Zani. Vodafone also plans future trials in Africa with Vodacom Group, Mavenir and Parallel Wireless, and will test Mavenir’s small base stations indoors for 5G in urban areas.

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