Mavenir is in the midst of a reinvention. The company, which makes software to help operators deliver IP-based services like voice, video, and messaging over their LTE networks, is now working on a software-based extensible Radio Access Network (xRAN) architecture that could make hardware-based RAN a thing of the past.

Mavenir has been in quite a transition lately. The company launched in 2005, went public in 2013, and then was purchased by Mitel in 2015. Mitel then turned around and sold Mavenir’s assets to Siris Capital Group, which then merged Mavenir with Xura, which acquired Ranzure Networks on February 1 and then divested Xura’s non-core enterprise messaging business. The result is a new Mavenir dedicated to creating a software-based RAN. The company is headed by former Xura CEO Pardeep Kohli and is based in Richardson, Texas.

In an interview with SDX Central, Kohli said the company’s business goal is to make the radio piece of the network open, and it has aligned itself with the xRAN Foundation, a consortium formed last year to promote software-based RAN. Deutsche Telekom is a founding member of the xRAN Foundation and other members include AT&TSK Telecom, and Verizon.

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