Mavenir announced that its fully virtualized 4G and 5G Open RAN offering is commercially available to operators. The US-based network software provider claims to be the only “end-to-end cloud-native vendor” for network operators. Mavenir’s Open RAN interface extends virtualization to the edge of the network and enables remote radio units from multiple sources to work with baseband software in the cloud over Ethernet fronthaul.

“We now have the whole ecosystem,” Mavenir CEO Pardeep Kohli told SDxCentral. “Of course we do compete with the Ericssons and the Nokias of the world on all different layers, and now we are ready to compete with them in radio as well. So if somebody wants to build a complete end-to-end network, we actually have pretty much the same portfolio that the big guys have.”

Mavenir’s portfolio is comprised of the application layer, IP multimedia subsystems (IMS), the packet core, and radio access network (RAN) equipment housed in white boxes – with a prevailing goal to reduce costs for operators by disaggregating hardware from software and making the ecosystem more open.

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