Given the numerous announcements around wireless infrastructure, I was also pleased to see that due diligence at MWC18 was paid to solutions that boost spectrum efficiency. Sprint and Cavium jointly announced at the show an NFV trial aimed at improving network quality of service (something that Sprint has been chided for in the past) and improved operator TCO. I’ve been testing a Sprint Magic Box, and I was pleased to see it earn an award at the show as well.

An important strategy dovetail is Cisco’s embrace of partnerships to make its vision a reality. For example, Mavenir is lending its expertise through the ecosystem with a virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN) solution to bring speed, agility, and economy of scale to mobile network deployments. Employing a cloud-native architecture, both 4G and 5G deployments can scale and flex without the need to always install hardware. Cisco will always be in the hardware business but having partnerships with SDN-only players like Mavenir will enhance its ability to service carriers and operators globally.

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