Can 5G Truly Scale Without a Shift in Network Economics and Collaborative Development?

5G is billed as a revolutionary technology that will change consumer behavior and disrupt enterprises of all stripes. We’re currently in the very early days of commercial 5G so these paradigm-altering impacts have yet to be made real. And, based on accelerating work on developing interoperability for radio access network and edge computing infrastructure, many key stakeholders see the long view for 5G through a collaborative lens.

For its part in the project, Mavenir, which launched its fully virtualized 4G/5G Open RAN solution in October, will focus its O-RAN attention on London’s high-density areas—such as stadiums and shopping centers—with the objective to deliver enhanced mobile connectivity. Stefano Cantarelli, CMO of Mavenir, commented, “Densification of coverage in cities is a challenge, but Open RAN is ready to take it forward.”

In the U.S., open RAN could get a shot in the arm by way of federal funding meant to further 5G-related R&D from U.S. companies like Mavenir. This comes amid the ongoing disputes between the U.S. and China and infrastructure vendor Huawei, which some U.S. officials contend could act as an agent of the Chinese state.

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