Join Mavenir at Network Virtualization Europe to discuss key challenges, solutions and all things NFV and SDN.

Only through virtualization can operators achieve the elasticity, service agility, and network slicing capabilities that enable the creation of multiple networks that share the same physical infrastructure, enabling mobile operators to dedicate a portion of their network to a certain functionality today with 4G, and will make it easier to deploy 5G applications.

As the industry grapples with the deployment of next-generation communication technologies, operators and enterprises now realize that virtualization is the key to upgrading their wireless networks. Gone is the reliance on the hardware-based strategies sold by the large, traditional network equipment suppliers. Utilization of cloud-based, NFV (network functions virtualization) and SDN (Software-Defined Networks) dramatically change network architectures and herald a new economic paradigm for the wireless industry.

Talk to Mavenir at Network Virtualization Europe to learn comprehensive solutions approach to NFV, CloudRange™ that allows CSPs to realize additional revenue streams by launching and scaling new services more broadly, rapidly and more efficiently. At the same time, reducing opex/capex with automation, making networks programmable for future 5G Network Slicing.


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