Meet Mavenir at CCA Mobile Carriers Show 2018 to learn how we are Transforming Mobile Network Economics.

As the industry’s only end-to-end, cloud-native mobile network solution provider, Mavenir is focused on transforming mobile network economics.  This vision is built on innovative, software-based solutions that enable new revenue streams while protecting existing revenue, and significantly lowering capex and opex for MNOs. Mavenir is excited to be an exhibitor and presenter at this year’s CCA Mobile Carrier Show with the opportunity to share our vision with CCA members.

Today’s rapidly changing environment is an opportunity for CCA members to leverage disruptive technology to distinguish themselves by adopting a software-only approach that dramatically lowers costs and enables new business models. Mavenir has a proven track record of delivering innovation, illustrated by industry-leading firsts in VoLTE, VoWiFiAdvanced Messaging (RCS), Multi-ID, vEPC, and vRAN solutions. We are “ready and able” to help CCA members compete and win by applying web-scale principles to counter the OTT’s agility and speed to market of new services.  

Areas of innovation and interest to CCA members;

  • vEPC – Microservices-based NFV ready virtualized evolved packet core that can scale independently in the dimensions of throughput transaction rate and session capacity, either up or down. Eliminates expensive hardware, long upgrade cycles and years in advance budgeting.
  • vMBC – The virtualized Media Breakout Controller (vMBC) is a single white box routing platform that enables carriers to host virtual Routing, Firewall, and User plane data offload, deployable anywhere at the network edge including cell sites, local data centers and within enterprises. Importantly, the vMBC enables direct replacement of existing cell site routers with the same physical dimensions, ensuring the integrity of the existing network with seamless integration into next-generation MANO operational systems.
  • vRAN – Enables RRUs to interwork with vBBU over ethernet fronthaul at a tenth of the bandwidth proprietary solutions require. Operators can see 49% savings in CapEx per SenzaFili.
  • Enterprise LTE  – Provides operators with the ability to offer enterprise customers a secure wireless LTE network, all running from COTs hardware on corporate premises.  For the Enterprise, it’s is a turnkey solution; Zero Touch provisioning with no time to revenue. Operators generate reoccurring revenue by renting spectrum to the enterprise. Enterprises can save 47% per site, compared to traditional hardware-based per  Analysis Mason report.
  • Multi-ID – Delivers carrier-grade capabilities which allow subscribers to manage voice/video calls and text messages from any device using a single number. Operators have implemented this feature which has resulted in additional subscribers and monthly fees.
  • Mobile First Unified Communication and Collaboration (mUCC) – Enables operators to offer a truly mobile-first UC offering which includes CSP hosted voice, a full set of hosted PBX features including auto-attendant, conferencing, online meetings, document, and screen sharing and advanced messaging. The industry’s UCaaS converged messaging experience (RCS, SMS, MMS) allows a message to be sent to anyone, anywhere with a rich user experience.  A new business model and market opportunity for CCA members!
  • RCS –  Messaging solution provides subscribers with next-generation IP messaging services based on evolving GSMA RCS and Universal Profile standards.  MNOs can more easily achieve interoperability with other operators in North America, who also utilize Mavenir’s RCS Solutions, as well as, facilitate interoperability with our future RCS hub clients. RCS messaging provides session-based messaging to RCS capable clients allowing subscribers to Instant Message (IM), Group Chat, File Share and supports multi-device scenarios based on RCS standards.
  • Cloud Messaging – MaaP is a tool that injects business value to A2P messaging, enabling MNOs to offer enterprises a better customer engagement in a much richer, interactive messaging environment. Mavenir’s solution enables the creation of RCS messaging content and campaigns, the implementation of Chat-Bots, the handling of payments and relevant analytics. 

As a proven expert in mobile network transformation since 2005, Mavenir is leveraging our innovation DNA and hardware-free approach to enable CSPs to compete and navigate within the 4G/5G evolution.


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