Technical University of Liberec Showcases Advanced Use Cases of T-Mobile Czech’s Open RAN 5G Private Campus Network Powered by Mavenir

T-Mobile Czech 5G Private Campus Network

Last week, business leaders, innovation teams and government representatives gathered at the Technical University of Liberec (TUL) for an exclusive glimpse into the latest 5G network-based innovations – enabled by the country’s first Open RAN campus network, delivered by T-Mobile Czech and Mavenir.

Full online event video: Jak na 5G privátní sítě | Evropský projekt Skills2Scale ?? – YouTube 

At this innovation workshop “How to deploy 5G private networks” – hosted at TUL’s Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation (CXI) – I was very pleased to be joined by T-Mobile Czech’s Jakub Kopecký and Lukáš Abazíd. T-Mobile is the largest operator in the Czech Republic, providing mobile services to over 6 million customers, and it’s also the most active campus service provider, having now delivered multiple 5G private campus networks across the country. 

In our presentation, we shared with the audience and attending media a unique insight into our successful implementation of a Mavenir 5G Core and 5G standalone (SA) Open vRAN network at TUL. The solution is now providing real-time connectivity throughout this busy academic campus, spurring the development of ground-breaking applications, as well as driving valuable new opportunities for collaboration with TUL’s industry partners.

Mavenir’s Open vRAN technology delivers a fully flexible and scalable platform, enabling fast customer acquisition for operators and a defined and stable evolution path to full core. For campus applications, Open vRAN offers the ability to easily strengthen the signalling plane to serve peaks in demand during exceptional events, where the devices that require coverage in such a campus environment range in the hundreds of thousands.  

TUL’s CXI facility has a highly active research and development programme specialized in Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV), and nurtures close links with the automobile industry and major car manufacturers based in the northern Czech region. On the day, experts from the CXI lab showcased their impressive innovation with real-time demonstrations, including a HoloLens AGV goggle truck for future use in field and warehouse logistics, plus state-of-the-art 3D printing services – all of which demand the fast and reliable communication between devices with minimal latencies delivered by the new network. 

The event’s keynote speaker was Petr Vítek from the Czech Government – Ministerial Principal at the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Secretary of 5G Alliance – who presented a comprehensive overview of the 5G Alliance project, highlighting the compelling business and economic benefits of 5G SA and the Open RAN approach. The day was organized as part of the national Skills2Scale project, with the support of EIT HEI and EIT Urban Mobility

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