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Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) combines advanced messaging with standardized interfaces to chatbots and plugins that create a richer experience for consumers and allow businesses to realize the opportunities of conversational commerce with A2P messaging over IP.

Messaging apps are firmly back; messaging apps have now surpassed social networks in active monthly users in favor of conversational experiences – so what is Conversational Commerce and how can operators secure it? For operators, there is now a platform that allows the end-user to connect with businesses and organizations that they want to hear from. Mavenir’s RCS Hub allows operators to harness this trend, as well as, remain in control of the messaging ecosystem and their customer data and management. It’s an evolutionary path for existing legacy services (voice, SMS, MMS, and voicemail) to a raft of IP-based services, offering convergence and backward compatibility. Wouldn’t it be better to use a service from a provider that has messaging systems at its core with a global installed base of SMS, MMS, Voicemail and RCS systems, and carrying billions of messages every day across the world?

This new approach to RCS presents a lower barrier of entry, where operators can connect to other CSPs and ultimately to billions of subscribers, without the efforts of building out their own core infrastructure, becoming win-win communication connectivity for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) across the globe.

Not only does an RCS platform and interconnect hub allow for faster deployment options, but the additional application to person (A2P) monetization opportunities are possible, as the solutions can provide Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) to enterprises. Whether it’s chatbots, connected home, media connectors, multi-identity, multi-line and multi-device services, operators have the choice to remain in control while providing customers with a better experience, all without the burdens of complexity and cost.

‘Messaging as a Platform – The Operator Opportunity’, the GSMA’s new report, outlines how operators can play a central role in the future of (MaaP) and how operators can migrate traffic from pre-existing SMS Application-to-Person (A2P) services towards enriched RCS based messaging.

To download the GSMA’s new report ‘Messaging as a Platform – The Operator Opportunity’ –  click here.

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