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The promises of 5G go well beyond high data rate, spectral efficiency, ultra-low latency, or massive sensor networks. The fundamental appeal of 5G lies in the fact that the entire infrastructure acts as a cohesive platform for innovative applications and is tuned to flex with demand – providing services tailored to their unique characteristics.

We are working towards a fully programmable and interoperable framework in the core and radio resource management with Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network-Functions Virtualization (NFV), Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), network slicing and cloud-based Radio Access Networks (vRAN). To fully deliver the promise, we believe in open interfaces across the network through software-defined techniques. Mavenir is committed to the innovation in and the standardization of the 5G architecture of the near future.


Mavenir has already demonstrated that you can build 4G networks ready for 5G architecture. The 4G enhancement work Mavenir is doing now with Operators will serve as the core building blocks of the 5G services soon to come. Even given that, however, 4G will have its place in the 5G world for some time to come.

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