NVIDIA At The Edge: Metropolis Edge AI-on-5G Platform Delivers Intelligent Video Analytics Over 5G

Mavenir is announcing MAVedge™-AI, a converged intelligent video analytics solution powered by the NVIDIA Metropolis AI-on-5G platform, which is expected to be available for customers in early 2022.

Along with Mavenir “construction kit”, a quick-launch platform for small deployments, NVIDIA and Mavenir are delivering innovation in how intelligent edge networks are built. Enterprises and telcos can soon deploy AI such as the NVIDIA Metropolis intelligent video analytics solution and 5G together using an edge server with a converged accelerator.

This approach delivers flexible, efficient, reliable and secure AI applications over 5G networks, redefining business processes and opening up new use cases for AI at the edge.

“The NVIDIA AI-on-5G platform, along with Mavenir’s advanced AI applications, provide disruptive solutions for today’s insatiable demands for instant insights from large volumes of data,” said Kuntal Chowdhury, Mavenir senior vice president and general manager of AI & analytics.

Separately, Mavenir announced immediate availability of an intelligent video analytics solution powered by NVIDIA Metropolis. Mavenir’s Edge AI solution using NVIDIA AI-on-5G, or MAVedge™-AI, will be available in the first quarter.

The MAVedge™-AI solution leverages the NVIDIA Aerial software development kit and a converged accelerator card that combines either the NVIDIA A100 or A30 GPU and the NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU, as well as NVIDIA’s “5T for 5G” solution.

This creates high-performance 5G RAN and AI applications in an optimal platform to manage precision manufacturing robots, automated guided vehicles, drones, wireless cameras, self-checkout aisles and hundreds of other transformational projects.

Expanding 5G Ecosystem

NVIDIA’s end-to-end AI-on-5G platform is bolstered by a growing ecosystem. Mavenir, Dell Technologies, Foxconn and SoftBank are disclosing their participation and support at the NVIDIA GTC fall conference this week.

Dell Technologies is working with Mavenir and NVIDIA to deliver 5G fronthaul switches and NVIDIA-Certified Systems for AI-on-5G edge computing infrastructure deployments.

“It’s important that communications service providers are able to quickly and easily deploy new data-driven products and services at the edge to spur growth,” said  Keith Perry, vice president of OEM sales at Dell Technologies. “Our collaboration with Mavenir and NVIDIA gives network providers a new and effective way to see better results by managing AI and applications at the edge of their networks.”

Foxconn is supporting Mavenir and NVIDIA to deliver 5G O-RU for AI-on-5G deployments.

“Delivering AI to the edge over 5G is a requirement for businesses around the world as new data-driven applications become mission critical,” said Benjamin Wang, senior 5G RD director of the Infrastructure Product Division at  Foxconn. “Foxconn radios connect people and things efficiently and with low latency, to unlock the power of AI.”

To simplify deployment of AI applications over 5G edge networks, L&T Technology Services is working with Mavenir and NVIDIA on system integration solutions.

“LTTS’ team of 5G engineers have developed unique accelerators and automation frameworks to give enterprises the first mover advantage. This latest collaboration with Mavenir and NVIDIA promises to offer innovative AI-on-5G solutions and meet the global demand for connectivity and 5G infrastructure,” said Aditya Agarwal, 5G Solutions Lead at L&T Technology Services.

New Innovation Lab 

SoftBank is creating an AI-on-5G innovation lab in collaboration with Mavenir and NVIDIA to accelerate enterprise 5G deployments in Japan. The research facility, expected to open by the end of SoftBank’s fiscal year, will allow customers to experience and work on AI solutions delivered over private 5G networks.

“SoftBank Corp. shares NVIDIA’s vision about the integration of advanced AI and 5G for true network virtualization. As 5G networks roll out in Japan, SoftBank is committed to demonstrating and delivering cutting-edge 5G enterprise services from our collaboration with NVIDIA in the AI-on-5G lab,” said Ryuji Wakikawa, SoftBank vice president and head of the Advanced Technology Division.

NVIDIA earlier this year announced it is working with Google to create an AI-on-5G innovation lab for the companies’ shared customers and collaborators.

Fast Onboarding Coming Soon

The Mavenir construction kit for enterprise deployments, also available in early 2022,  includes preconfigured NVIDIA Aerial and Metropolis Software stacks, Mavenir 5G RAN, 5G UPF Core and video analytics solutions and Foxconn’s O-RU. The kit also includes the NVIDIA enterprise orchestration stack including Fleet Command, an NVIDIA-Certified System server from Dell Technologies, a Foxconn 5G radio, a GPS antenna and a single 5G camera.

Speedy response times, latency reductions and security are some of the most highly touted technical benefits of 5G network architectures and the 5G NR (new radio) signaling specification.

By bringing more computing power to the edge, industries can accelerate their efforts to deliver intelligent internet of things products such as autonomous cars and trucks, warehouse robots and smart spaces.

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