5G Plans Driving Momentum for Open RAN

Growth In Open RAN System

As operators world-wide build their strategy and deployment plans for 5G, they are also using the opportunity to include the move to Open RAN.  We are in a technology shift where the use of cloud technology and AI are driving an inflection point for Open RAN.  Operators are looking at all these areas as they build their transformation plans. The Open RAN ecosystem is also seeing tremendous growth, which is providing critical mass for the movement.  There are over a dozen partners building 7.2 Open RAN radios, which means the market will see more than 100 macro radios become available in the next nine months. ORAN radios are ready for 4G and 5G with KPIs that match or better tier 1 performance requirements!  In addition, radio partners are working with chip vendors to integrate the software with high-performance chips, furthering performance capabilities.  Operators are seeing the speed of recent deployments and making ORAN a critical part of their transformation journey.  Read more in our white paper Open RAN: Good and Getting Better.

Open RAN
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