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Legacy Vs. Open RAN: Power Consumption In 5G Radios

Join us in this webinar to understand more about the findings of this study and how Open RAN can lead to energy savings, reducing operational costs while improving sustainability.


Legacy Versus Open RAN: Power Consumption In 5G Radios

Open Radio Access Network (RAN) is picking up traction and commercial interest in 2023, with multiple operators actively considering the technology for their new and existing 5G networks. Whilst, 5G deployments have matured and mobile operators are looking toward the next wave of monetization, sustainability is becoming a critical topic and is now part of the criteria for vendor selection.


Clarity on O-RAN Specification Updates for Massive MIMO Radios

Specification work within the O-RAN Alliance in regard to an uplink modification to open fronthaul for Massive MIMO radios is ongoing and should produce a final specification next year. The initial steps were taken at the O-RAN Alliance event in Osaka, Japan, in June 2023, to establish the uplink performance improvement (ULPI) specification. At this…


Mavenir Execs Open Up About ‘OpenBeam’ Open RAN Radios

Mavenir’s Bejoy Pankajakshan and John Baker caught up with Light Reading at the Big 5G Event to talk about Mavenir’s first US-based customer for the radio equipment, Triangle Communications in Montana, and other updates.


Mavenir Shows Off OpenBeam-Branded Open RAN Radios

OpenBeam™ is providing CSPs with a comprehensive portfolio of O-RAN compliant radio products spanning micro, macro, millimeter wave (mmWave) and massive MIMO (mMIMO) to support Open RAN deployments in 2022 and beyond.