Turbo Charging 5G Core & Edge – Intel® Chip Chat

Turbo Charging 5G Core & Edge – Intel® Chip Chat

There is strong industry momentum towards containerization of network workloads. The telecom industry is learning how to deploy microservices on cloud-native infrastructure. Mavenir is working with Intel to develop products which support introducing a cloud-native paradigm to the network operator’s domain.

Kuntal Chowdhury, SVP Packet Core at Mavenir joins Intel® Chip Chat Network Insights in this interview recorded as a virtual livecast in lieu of MWC Barcelona.

In this interview, Kuntal explains how there is a significant interest to break away from legacy and proprietary hardware centric products into fully software centric products with disaggregated architecture. Learn why data path acceleration is a significant trend for 5G traffic throughput which offers a significantly higher than LTE traffic throughput. Hear how using the Smart NICs and utilizing software optimizations that Intel recommends for Intel Xeon processors, achieves significant performance gains on standard servers.

From the edge perspective, hear how Mavenir is addressing a different technical challenge to deliver unique innovation for mobile networks and OTT providers.