Private Networks: A New Paradigm for Network Operators

Private Networks: A New Paradigm for Network Operators

The use cases and applications for private networks present unique possibilities for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). While the opportunities are intriguing, questions still remain: what are the benefits of private networks? What is motivating the uptake of private networks? And what’s in it for the MNO and Enterprises when the monetization models differ for each party?

This webinar will focus on the key opportunities and motivational factors driving the deployments uptake of Private Networks. From evaluating the overall opportunity to delving into the unique drivers for both MNO and Enterprise lead opportunities.

During this webinar, you will hear about:

  • The opportunities in deploying LTE and/or 5G private networks
  • The case for cellular in private networks
  • The spectrum choices available globally
  • The technology paradigm for private networks