Mavenir is changing the game for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with software-based products and technology for building end-to-end mobile networks, paving the way for the affordable adoption of 5G services across the Asia-Pacific region.

“Our vision is to transform the mobile network economics and accelerate digital transformation for partners and customers,” said Sydney-based Sam Saba, Senior VP, and Head of Asia Pacific* region.

According to the company, slowing subscriber growth, regulatory intervention, and intense competition have placed significant pressure on operators’ traditional mobile revenues, making it imperative for them to find a new way to adopt emerging standards like 5G.

The Mavenir solution brings increased business agility, network elasticity, and dynamic radio access network (RAN) optimization. Saba explained that in a 4G world, the hardware and software for the radio network have to be from the same vendor. With 5G, that bond can be decoupled, with Mavenir providing the software for radio network hardware from any vendor. Mavenir is also designing the software to work on commercial off-the-shelf Intel processors—significantly reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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