Quarterly Telco Meetup – April 2024

Hardik M Gondalia, Session: Innovate, Monetize, Personalize: Becoming a TechCo with Mavenir Digital Enablement

The Mavenir Digital Enablement (MDE) portfolio is a cloud-native, catalog-driven platform that drives innovation. MDE helps CSPs simplify the creation and testing of new services, leverage the power of 5G technology, monetize new use cases, and deliver personalized services that deepen relationships with current and future customers. MDE encompasses the entire BSS portfolio in TelCo IT space and focuses primarily on two key areas – experience and monetization. With Telcos taking on their journey to become Tech-Cos, the BSS domain is rapidly expanding its boundaries. To facilitate CSPs’ evolution, the MDE platform is built on modern MACH architecture and leverages AWS for authentication, BI, automated scalability, and enhanced availability.

Wednesday, 24 April, 16:45 – 17:15 PM CET

Digital Enablement (BSS)
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