Big 5G Event 2020

Next generation mobile networks will be unrecognizable from those of the 3G and 4G eras. At its heart, a 5G network is a software network and its development and deployment requires a new approach and a new way of thinking. Operators are recognizing the need to move away from a proprietary, hardware-led, environment towards automated, cloud-native, programmable networks.

Operators are seeing the demand for data usage rise without a parallel rise in fees – and the power and scope of 5G technology will only serve to further escalate that situation. The flexibility of a software-led 5G network means that the network slices can adapt to the various demands of both consumers and business both operationally and economically.

Mavenir’s webscale platform is the foundation for all its 5G product solutions and is designed to allow rapid micro services based, cloud native, application development and deployment to fulfill the goal of complete network automation with 5G.

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