5G will mean far more than a simple increase in broadband speeds – it is set to unleash a myriad of new applications and use-cases, and form the backbone of a number of all-new industries.

But for the full benefits of 5G to be realized, it is essential that a clear and coordinated strategy is put in place involving network and Communications Service Providers (CSPs), government, technology enablers, and industry.

The 5G Business Summit brings together senior executives representing not only the mobile operators and government but also end-users from across a broad range of industries that will be disrupted and enabled by 5G and will look at the progress that has been made to date and the challenges ahead for policy-makers and stakeholders.

Key areas being covered include connectivity, future deployment, and business model impact. It will look at what a 5G world might look like and where Australia sits at a global level as it seeks to deliver on making 5G a reality by 2020.

Talk to us at 5G Business Summit to learn more.


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