Signaling Security

Detects and blocks DOS attacks, privacy invasion, identify theft and fraud to secure the CSP’s network, their subscribers and their service revenues.

Signaling Security

Signaling Security (SS7, Diameter & SIP)

Network signaling is essential: it is the communication between the individual components of the network that enable the network to operate and to deliver services and it is the interaction between networks that is necessary to enable roaming and to enable calls and messages to go from the originator in one network to a correspondent in another network. However, vulnerabilities are known to exist in all three main signaling protocols - SS7, Diameter and SIP - and exploits of these vulnerabilities have already been observed.

Based on decades of experience of developing and deploying our own signaling stacks and networks elements that use them, Mavenir’s SS7, Diameter and SIP signaling solutions protect the network against:

  • Denial of service attacks targeting whole networks, or specific individuals;
  • Privacy Invasion such as location tracking and interception of and/or eaves-dropping on calls or messaging;
  • Identity theft leading to fraudulent service use, including fraudulent access to other (non-operator) services such as online banking;
  • Fraud including bypass of charging for service use and network-network fraud.

Mavenir’s SS7, Diameter and SIP Signaling Firewalls enable our CSP customers to secure their business by protecting the network, the services delivered and the subscribers that use them:

  • Currently-known threats such as those documented in the GSMA’s recommendations are mitigated by rules delivered out-of-the-box
  • Powerful signaling analytics and Mavenir’s expert professional services team are available to provide intelligence about new signaling threats
  • Rapid develop-validate-deploy cycles ensure quick reaction to new threats while maintaining stable network operation.

Signaling Security provides a key role in securing the network. Our security solutions also extend to provide protection from commercial messaging fraud and content filtering