Messaging Fraud Control

Detects and blocks grey-route and SIM-box fraud to enable increased revenue collection from commercial A2P messaging applications

Messaging Fraud Control

CSP-provided messaging services such as SMS present an attractive channel for communication between an enterprise and its customers: such services are available on every mobile, without the user needing to download specific Apps and most messages get read within seconds of their arrival. CSP revenues from enterprise use of application-to-person (A2P) messaging continues to grow: In their 2016 Global A2P Databook, MobileSquared estimate that by 2020, global A2P messaging will generate more than US$ 58Bn annually.

However, the use of Grey-Routes and Sim-Boxes by some intermediaries that sit between the enterprise brands and the networks serving their customer threatens this industry, with annual losses set to reach $11.4Bn by 2020 (estimate MobileSquared) unless action is taken to close-down these bypass methods.

SpamShield is Mavenir’s world-leading messaging fraud control solution:
  • Employs advanced machine-learning techniques
  • Maximize additional A2P revenues
  • Rapidly identify and automatically control fraudulent traffic
  • Without the cost of employing teams of analysts to sift through messages manually.