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Rich Communications Services (RCS)

Our industry leading RCS technology enables subscribers with IMS-based services to offer unrivaled user experience, seamlessly incorporate traditional SMS and MMS services, and connect to 3rd parties or over-the-top (OTT) applications.

Rich Communications Services (RCS)

RCS innovates the mobile user experience with future-proof technology. The evolution of the messaging ecosystem to Rich Communication Services enables the operator to boost loyalty and revenue by offering ubiquitous communications across all networks (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE), devices, social networks and communities. Adopting an all IP messaging platform is the natural strategic way to improve VoLTE IMS ROI as well.

Mavenir RCS serves RCS enable handsets providing operators with a rich set of fully virtualized functionality enabling solutions tailored to specific business or market needs. Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) of the RCS solution are engineered as decomposed, micro-service elements performing granular functions and scaling independently. This provides the operator with precise control of the communications experience as well as the underlying network assets.

Rich Communications Services include:

  • Chat and Network based fallback to SMS support
  • Open Group Chat and Long Lived Group Chat Support
  • File transfer over HTTP and support interworking to SMS/MMS in specified link format.
  • Geolocation share and support interworking to SMS in specified geo uri format
  • Support standalone pager mode (transactional short messages usage over SIP) and large mode (transaction large messages usage over SIP) delivery mechanisms
  • Support for multi-device use cases and delivery to all connected devices of user in IMS domain using mStore for syncing offline device from archive upon coming online.
  • Support Enriched Calling to provide rich experience to user for Pre-Call/In-Call/Post-Call related services.
  • Deployment options include standard in-network, hosted service or, cloud based service all with flexible commercial licensing options

RCS & advanced communications

RCS is not just a Person-to-Person messaging solution. The design of Mavenir RCS opens uppossibilities to provide advanced communication between third party businesses and messaging users for a wide range of services such as Chatbots, Plugins, Artificial Intelligence and other third party industrial applications. For more information about Messaging as a Platform services.

Universal Profile

Mavenir RCS takes full advantage of the universal profile to provide a consistent and interoperable messaging experience between all supported devices across all operators worldwide. Subscribers can easily text, chat and share media without having to identify and download the same applications their contacts are using. The Universal Profile is also used to support the Messaging-as-a-Platform (MaaP) solution enabling use of chatbots or other artificial intelligence services and allowing businesses to realize the application-to-person (A2P) potential of IP messaging.


At the heart of the Rich Communications Services is mStore, an innovative network based message store for all messaging types including text, multi-media, voice, video, fax and greetings. In addition, mStore provides storage of scheduled and retry notifications plus metadata for all messages. The open REST based API access enables store exposure to all applications or third party services. mStore is the ideal RCS message store that also works perfectly as the heart of a consolidated messaging solution.

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