Collect SMS/MMS/Data

Collect SMS/MMS/Data allow out of credit prepaid customers to continue to communicate by automatically asking a friend to pay to receive their SMS/MMS/Data. Prepaid subscribers typically exhaust their account credits before they top up leaving them with zero balance while still needing to communicate. The duration that prepaid subscribers are with zero balance is significant resulting in a huge potential revenue loss as millions of messages are not delivered or sent due to lack of credit.

Monetizing untapped SMS/MMS/Data traffic

For operators, every user that spends any time without credit is a potential revenue opportunity, as their desire to send messages will remain strong whatever their level of credit. Fortunately, subscribers can still send messages during ‘no credit’ periods using Collect SMS/MMS/Data, where the receiver pays for the message. This enables mobile operators to generate additional revenue and ARPU from their prepaid subscribers and the service is available on a revenue share or CAPEX basis, and delivered in the Mavenir or operator’s cloud or network.

Operator Benefits

  • Grow messaging revenues by monetizing untapped P2P SMS traffic
  • Automatically offered in the case of no credit
  • Powerful reporting on uptake and service success rate
  • Innovative SMS charging options
  • Prefix activated or automatic (initiated by the network) so there is no subscriber activation required
  • Easily extendable to other services like Collect MMS or Collect Data
  • Flexible commercial models
  • Collect Data
  • Collect MMS
  • Monetization Services
  • Additional ARPU
  • P2P Messaging Opportunity

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