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Quickly and Easily Generate New Revenues With Innovative Solutions

Mobile operators are under pressure to meet capacity demand while launching new innovative offerings in highly competitive mobile services markets. They now compete with web-scale companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google that offer similar, even more innovative, services at a far lower cost base and with agile development environments that speed time to market.

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Dell Technologies Helps Communications Service Providers Transform to Capture Opportunities at the Edge

10 June 2021

Mavenir is collaborating with Dell Technologies to develop 5G Open RAN software.

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Vodafone Investment in South West to Bring Benefits to Local Communities, Businesses and Visitors

08 June 2021

Mavenir supports and congratulates Vodafone with Open RAN rolling out and going live in the UK.

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Mavenir CEO Cuts Through Open RAN Noise

08 June 2021

Mavenir’s CEO Pardeep Kohli, “If the whole idea is that 5G is going to enable these applications running in the cloud to be more accessible to the end user at a much faster pace and latency, then that means it’s better to bring the network onto the cloud as well” 

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