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The Decade of Seismic Change

This is, without doubt, one of the most important decades for the ICT Industry – adoption of technologies like Cloud and Automation is accelerating, platform economies are becoming the norm, horizontalization is the new mantra, software rules the roost, traditional ecosystems are expanding and morphing into a complex interlinked entity, the technology provider space is being dramatically disrupted by faster and more agile players, open architectures are becoming foundational pre-requisites, and business models are dramatically changing and moving to the outcome and value-based constructs.

Accelerating Digital Transformation of Enterprise and Industry

All of these seismic changes are powering the next wave of connectivity and digitalization in the Enterprise and Industry space. Enterprises and entire industry verticals are seeking to transform their businesses with two fundamental levers – Data and Connectivity.

It was predicted some years back in an IDC report that the size of the digital universe in 2020 would be 44,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 i.e. 44 Zettabytes – a figure higher than the number of known stars in the universe. Data is already central to everything that consumers, enterprises and industries are doing.

There are more than 7 Billion mobile subscriptions today – more than the Earth’s population. Mobile connectivity and smartphones have fueled more than a decade of economic growth and innovation. The next wave of connectivity that is poised to unlock even greater societal and economic value is when we start connecting things – even today, the number of connected IoT devices surpass mobile handsets, and it is predicted that there will be tens of billions of connected devices in this decade alone.

The 5G Era and The Increasing Reliance of Networks

The “New G” is set to become one of the most pivotal transformations in the ICT industry – it will tap into and deliver innovation around the two transformational levers – Data and Connectivity.

5G will cement the role of Networks as the enabling platform for not only consumers, but bigger and broader ecosystems across Enterprise and Industry.

“Open Everything” – The Mavenir Approach to Horizontal 5G Platforms

Mavenir believes that open architecture based approaches will be instrumental in enabling bigger and broader ecosystems, fostering collaboration and co-opetition and unlocking the true potential of 5G.

Emerging Business @ Mavenir – New Solutions, New Business Models, New Value

The Emerging Business initiative at Mavenir will leverage Mavenir’s existing and newly created solutions for 5G, IoT and digital transformation for addressing new business needs in Enterprises, Industries & Service Providers.

  1. Tap into new value pools
    Extending into relevant adjacencies in the Enterprise and Industry segments
  2. Define future network evolution
    Create a compelling proposition for future 5G and IoT platforms and applications for enterprises and industry verticals and drive ecosystem evolution and scale for mobile and cloud networks
  3. Disrupt the status quo
    Make 5G networks a viable proposition for Enterprise and Industry, drive an Ecosystem Approach for Networks, Applications and Digital Enablement

Emerging Business – Offerings

Mavenir will power Digital Transformation in Enterprises and Industry Verticals with Advanced Services & Solutions on its cloud-native, 5G ready platform.

The proposition will be centered around 3 main solution sets – Network Platforms (Private Networks for 4G and 5G), Mavenir Digital Enablement Platform (MDE), Application Marketplace (own and partner offerings).

These advanced services will be built and deployed as microservices on elastic infrastructure, through agile DevOps processes, and delivered through Value Added Resellers, System Integrators, Mobile Operators and other Technology Partners.

These solutions will be available via SaaS, PaaS, Neutral Host as well as Asset Ownership business models, and will include applications for Enriched Communication, IoT and Private Networks.

Emerging Business – Addressing Industry, Enterprise & Service Providers Needs

The combination of solutions based on cutting edge technology, business process agility, open architecture and platform approaches, flexible business and consumption models, will deliver on the true potential of 5G.

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