5G Core

Mavenir’s 5G ready Cloud Native architecture is a fully virtualized, integrated service centric framework that is critical for highly granular scalability, elasticity, dynamic control, and orchestration for the entire network.

5G Core

Mavenir’s 5G Core Network is designed for mobile communications systems with the functional capabilities to support high bandwidth, massive IoT connectivity and ultra-low latency applications. Highlights:

  • Cloud Native, fully virtualized, stateless architecture with a flexible end-to-end orchestration framework to suit varied CSP needs.
  • SDN-controlled 5GC with complete separation of both control and user plane framework that allows independent dynamic scaling of control and user plane elements with intelligent packet handling.

Mavenir is committed to cloud native NFV infrastructure across its end-to-end 5G portfolio (Cloud RAN, EPC, IMS, Security, and other critical solutions), using open development techniques and programming tools to deliver the networks of the future.

The Mavenir vEPC cloud-based core network architecture is targeted to transform mobile networks through a highly scalable and nimble virtualized Evolved Packet Core (EPC) that can adapt to a range of emerging 4G LTE deployment use cases. Moreover, its visionary nature allows it to be natively extensible to emerging 5GS architectural standards. The resultant approach eliminates the expensive hardware, long upgrade cycles, overprovisioning, and years-in-advance budgeting that traditionally characterize mobile service provider networks.

Operators can now experience the benefits of a fully virtualized EPC implementation.

The innovative cloud core architecture allows for the vEPC platform to be deployed flexibly as a collapsed all-in-one vEPC, or as a vEPC with a separately instantiated Mavenir vHSS, or as a standalone Mavenir vPGW, Mavenir vSAE-GW, or Mavenir vC-SGN.

Cloud-Friendly Design

  • Distributed stateless clustered components for high availability and performance
  • Event-driven asynchronous design allows for maximum parallelism
  • Stateless, share-nothing architecture allows for unlimited linear scalability

Open Architecture

  • "Run Anywhere” Paradigm (Hypervisor agnostic/Hardware agnostic)
  • Simple-to-integrate APIs for integration with Network Manager System (NMS) and NFV Orchestrators for onboarding and scaling

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