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30 August 2021

Mavenir’s Next-Generation Operations Support Systems (ngOSS)

Automate, orchestrate, and efficiently operate the mobile network with Mavenir’s Next-Generation Operations Support Systems (ngOSS) to improve the overall user experience, lower opex, and reduce the risk of manual errors.


Next-Generation Operations Support Systems (ngOSS)

To achieve the full potential of 5G and the innovation it offers, mobile networks require end-to-end automation to reduce manual tasks, improve

press release

30 September 2021

Mavenir Enables Intelligent Network Operations with Next-Generation OSS

Mavenir announces its next-generation Operations Support System, part of the MAVscale platform. A Powerful Combination of AI, Analytics, Automation, and Orchestration Enable the Network of the Future.


Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA)

Accelerate Enterprise Insights with Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) Mavenir’s Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) delivers an intuitive yet powerful solution where artificial intelligence (AI) is


AI & Analytics

Mavenir AI and Analytics modernizes the operator business for the 5G era by combining cloud and intelligent networking to help lower costs,