Spam Shield

Leveraging machine-learning, Mavenir SpamShield is a world-leading solution in the fight against messaging grey-routes and SIM-box bypass fraud and spam

Spam Shield

With SpamShield, mobile communications service providers can help protect their subscriber customer from the dangers of malware, phishing and scams conducted via messaging services and help remove the irritation caused by frequent unwanted spam messaging.

However, spam messaging is not just an irritant to consumers: it is also a practice at the heart of messaging fraud that costs CSPs billions of dollars each year. SpamShield excels in identifying and blocking commercial messaging fraud that bypasses the official routes provided by operators. By closing down the SIM-box and grey-route bypass mechanisms, SpamShield helps operators convert non-revenue generating fraudulent bypass traffic into revenue generating commercial messaging.

“SpamShield’s ability to filter out grey route messaging enables us to sell SMS advertising via the appropriate channels. SpamShield has reduced the effort and human intervention previously required to operate and manage the filtering because there is no need to manually configure filtering rules.”
Asep Y Sestina, Telkomsel Vice President of IT VAS and Corporate Service Solution and Management

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